On the Come Up: YBN Nahmir

By Rachel Jackson, Coordinator, ASCAP Rhythm & Soul  •  April 13, 2018

YBN Nahmir
This rising rapper takes a break from his career whirlwind to discuss his OTCU story with ASCAP.

Rapper YBN Nahmir is a newer face on the urban music scene, with strong intentions on being respected as a unique voice in rap music.

While minding his own business, playing his X-Box as a young teen, he began freestyling on X-Box Live which in turn, presented a seed of a fan base who recorded him and shared the recordings with other gamers; this action was step one on his staircase to stardom.

The first song he ever made was called “Cupcake Remix” and pointed toward his past nemesis, now “brother-from-another” YBN Almighty Jay. In 2013, they openly dissed each other back and forth on the internet, for no cited reasons. After the beef was squashed, they buried their differences (which weren’t many) and became compadres.

YBN Nahmir’s breakout track “Rubbin Off The Paint” set his Instagram on fire after Worldstar Hip Hop’s account slid in his DM’s:

“Everybody was spamming my comments saying that Worldstar told me to check my DMs…”

Currently the song has garnered upwards of 70 million streams on Spotify while the video has been viewed 104 million times on YouTube -- and counting.

While views and streams are on a high, so is his performance quality. In July, he’s set to bounce out on The Endless Summer Tour with G-Eazy, Lil’ Uzi Vert, TY$ and P-Lo. When speaking about shows, he admits to him and his team being nervous beforehand, but has a slight mantra to it as well:

“I get nervous before every show I do; if you’re not nervous before your show, your show is going to be a**…”

YBN Nahmir’s advice to his peers looking to prosper:

“If someone tells you your music is a**, just keep working.”

“Don’t spam your music to people… let the people around you share it.”

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