On the Come Up: DiALO

Rachel Jackson, Coordinator, ASCAP Rhythm & Soul * December 12, 2017  •  December 14, 2017

It’s our pleasure to highlight DiALO this month – a writer whose creativity has been performed by Chris Brown, TY$, Maluma, Jeremih… the list goes on!

Hailing from “South Carolina-Washington-Seattle”, Seattle in which he calls home, DiALO attributes the early stages of his musical background to the Baptist church he grew up in:

Growing up in the church shaped me. My musical roots started at Joshua Baptist Church in North Charleston, South Carolina...”

With songs in his mind and the gospel in his heart, young DiALO began his career in the 4th grade by writing poetry and composed his first original songs in 7th and 8th grade.

DiALO is steadfastly establishing himself as a master-of–all-genres by challenging his pen and infusing the diverse background of his past into his present writing style. According to the writer himself, he “bounced around and lived in a lot of places…” specifically, he’s lived in Florida, Texas, Indiana and Connecticut in addition to the aforementioned locations!

“I grew up hearing a lot of types of music, being exposed to different cultures helped me appreciate different music from different cultures…”

DiALO is naturally his biggest critic, as most writers are, but he holds his greatest accomplishment to date in high regard: 

“Being able to work with Chris on Heartbreak on a Full Moon within the short time that I’ve been writing is a blessing...”

DiALO’s advice to other writers “On The Come Up” who seek to branch out and identify with different musical genres:

"Everything that you listen to has something to offer you. When I listen to music even though it may not be my particular favorite or the genre I listen to the most; I always listen to learn, instead of to judge… and I say take that, and learn from it then incorporate it into your own style.”

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