On the Come Up: Juke Ross

Rachel Jackson, Coordinator, ASCAP Rhythm & Soul  •  September 22, 2017

Juke Ross

Juke Ross, who painted the globe with his first single, "Colour Me," recently paused his travels to share a page from his “On the Come Up” story with ASCAP.

For Juke, influences from his homeland (GuyanaSouth America, near Trinidad) are a constant. He found and still draws motivation from soulful reggae tunes he grew up hearing by Beres Hammond and Bob Marley, which molded his timeless sound. “I think, in that kind of music, the content is really stemmed from struggles, life, hardship & overcoming that; a lot of the stuff I write about," he says. "Its content comes from that...”

In the early stages of his career, Juke turned to YouTube to learn how to play the guitar. Although this task wasn’t an easy feat, he mastered the skill and fused the classic reggae sound that shaped the growth of his musical journey with his own vocal and rhythmic creativity.

Juke marks traveling to the US, specifically Atlanta, GA, to complete production for "Colour Me" his first real music industry experience:

“Seeing all of the different musicians, genres & how they record… the general atmosphere was my first insertion into to music industry life.”

Currently, Juke is working on first EP. “Right now, I’m constantly recording and putting songs together to create another body of work” he says.

As fans continue to accept Juke, learn more about him and adopt his music, he wants listeners to catch vibes while their living their everyday lives; wherever they find themselves open-minded.

You can listen to "Colour Me" and catch that vibe Juke spoke to us about here.