A Special Message for Members Affected by the Recent Hurricanes Regarding ASCAP September or October Royalty Distributions

August 31, 2017

Our hearts go out to our members who have been hit hard by the recent hurricanes. We want to ensure that your upcoming royalty distributions make it through. The U.S. Postal Service has announced that they cannot accept mail at many facilities and zip codes in the areas affected. If you currently receive your royalties via check, the storms may hinder our ability to distribute checks to affected publisher members in September and writer members in October. That is why we urge you to choose to receive your royalties via direct deposit. Instructions are below.

Service Affected by Hurricanes
Visit the U.S. Postal Service website to determine if you are in an area where postal service is limited or suspended.

Member Access
Members can sign up for direct deposit by logging into Member Access and clicking on "Payment Information" located under the Profile section of the left-hand navigation bar. After choosing "Payment Information" you can click on the "Add +" icon located on the top right-hand corner to add your direct deposit details. Direct deposit payments can only be issued to US bank accounts and may take 6 business days to be validated. Please enter your details as soon as possible to ensure your upcoming distributions are issued via direct deposit.

Contact ASCAP
If you have problems accessing your account contact: ASCAP Global Services Toll Free: 1-800-95-ASCAP (1-800-952-7227) during our regular hours of 9AM – 8PM ET Monday through Friday.