"On the Come Up" Series: March Edition - Taylor Girlz

March 2, 2017

Where are you originally from?
- We were born in Alabama, but were raised in Georgia.
What was your first introduction to the music industry?
- Our father, Taylor Boi, introduced us to music at a young age. We pretty much grew up around it and had access to a in house studio.
What inspires you to create music?
- What inspires us to create music is being able to send good vibes to people and the entire creative process is fun, so we have fun creating it.
What differentiates you from other songwriters/recording artists?
- What makes the Taylor Girlz different is our style. We are a mixture of the iconic girls groups TLC along with Salt & Pepa. Unlike most music in the urban world, when you listen to our music you get the same turn up vibe without the use profanity.
What are you currently working on?
- We are currently on the road promoting the release of our EP "Who Are These Girls", which dropped on February 24th. We’re also releasing an album later this summer.
Who is your musical mentor and/or idol and why?
- One of our idols definitely has to be Queen Latifah. She made a big impact to the women's culture of urban music and she is a true definition of an “all-around business woman.”
What advice do you have for up-and-coming songwriters/recording artists?
- The advice we have for upcoming artist is to make sure this is something you really want to do and that you physically and mentally prepare your mind and body for what could happen and also make sure you have a solid team behind you.