2016 Tax Forms Are Now Available in Member Access

February 10, 2017

Great news! 2016 tax forms based on your ASCAP royalties for reference in preparing your tax return are now available online. Log in to your Member Access account to find these documents:

  • 1099-MISC for royalties from your domestic performances (stretching back to 2012)
  • International Distribution Summary for royalties generated outside the US (2016 only)
  • 1042-S tax forms are not available in Member Access at this time

Simply log in to your Member Access account, click “Earnings” in the navbar, and you’ll see the “Tax Forms” link if we have documents available for you. You can download them for reference in preparing your tax return.

screen shot

Note: Tax form availability is based on your royalties in a given year. - The minimum threshold for royalties in a tax year is $10.

If you have questions about ASCAP and taxes, send us a message in Member Access or call our Global Services team at 1-800-95-ASCAP.