Introducing Cue Sheets in Member Access

June 16, 2010

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ASCAP is first American PRO to offer members online cue sheet access

ASCAP is pleased to bring you Cue Sheets in Member Access. We know that cue sheets are important tools for managing your business as composers, writers and publishers. If your music is used in a film or television program, making sure a cue sheet is filed with ASCAP is an important step in getting paid for your work. Now you can see the cue sheets ASCAP has on file for you.

In announcing the new service for members, ASCAP CEO John LoFrumento said: "As we prepare to celebrate ASCAP's 25th Anniversary Film & Television Music Awards next week, we are pleased to launch this major enhancement to our Member Access service. We have added an innovative feature that will allow composers, songwriters and publishers instant access to their cue sheet data. America is the leading source of film and television production and ASCAP is the first American performing rights organization to offer this type of cue sheet benefit. It is another example of how we are leveraging technology to provide the best possible service to our members."

Commenting on Cue Sheets in Member Access, Richard Bellis, an Emmy Award-winning composer, author of The Emerging Film Composer and member of ASCAP's Board of Directors, said: "For decades, music creators for film and TV have had to fight for access to cue sheets - in a sense, our 'invoices.' Since Member Access came online, ASCAP has made cue sheet availability a priority and now it's here. This is huge!"

Cue sheets will be displayed in Member Access through the "My Catalog" tab when there is at least one work with you as an entitled party linked to your ASCAP Member ID.

Here are some of the things you can do in Cue Sheets in Member Access:

  • Multiple search options by series, episodes, non-series, specific works, co-written works or a combination
  • Sort options by non-series, series or episodes in a series
  • Ability to navigate from cue sheet details to work details and back

    Only primary users initially have access to cue sheets. In order to provide access to others, the primary user will need to set them up as designated users. Click here to log-in now and start viewing your cue sheets

    Launched in October 2009, Member Access is a secure, online portal giving ASCAP's songwriter, composer and music publisher members 24/7 access to their membership, catalog, performance and royalty information. Member Access allows ASCAP members to conveniently conduct their business with the performing rights organization from anywhere in the world. To date, over 50,000 ASCAP members have activated their accounts.

    If you have not activated your account, now is the perfect time to do so.

    How do I activate my Member Access account?
    There are a few simple steps. To get started, you'll need your ASCAP Member ID (also known as your Member Code, or M-code). You can find it on your ASCAP Member Card or on one of your ASCAP statements. Or, call Member Services (1-800-952-7227) during business hours. Then, just click here.

    Publisher Members, you'll also need your Tax ID Number (or Social Security Number, for DBA's and sole proprietorships).

    For more info on cue sheets, visit ASCAP's Cue Sheet Corner