VERSED: THE ASCAP PODCAST illuminates the heart and soul of music - the songwriters and composers whose work makes us sing, dance and want to change the world. Regularly featuring the greatest music creators from a diversity of genres who share the stories behind writing their hits and best-loved work - and the gems of wisdom they gained in the process - as well as industry experts who discuss the important issues that affect the lives and livelihoods of all music creators, VERSED offers insight into the hearts and minds of music professionals like never before. If music is your life, and you want to experience what it’s like inside ASCAP’s music creator community, then VERSED is required - yet fascinating - listening.


About Your Host

Erik Philbrook serves as ASCAP’s VP and Creative Director. In addition to writing and editing, producing video and managing content for ASCAP’s various media channels, he has interviewed and written about many of today’s leading songwriters and composers from across the musical spectrum, from legendary icons to today’s emerging artists. He has helped lead ASCAP’s advocacy efforts in protecting songwriter rights in the digital age. And he plays an essential role in the success of high-profile ASCAP events such as the Sundance ASCAP Music Café and the ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO, where he has interviewed many top music creators, including Tom Petty, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Alicia Keys, Michael Giacchino, Bon Jovi, Salt-N-Pepa, Trent Reznor, ELO’s Jeff Lynne, Beastie Boys, Ingrid Michaelson, St. Vincent, Brad Paisley, Wyclef Jean, Usher, Dixie Chicks and legendary U2 producer Steve Lillywhite, among many others.

What's with the name "VERSED"?

We music creators love our double and triple-entendres, and the name "VERSED" is a pretty good one:

  • A "verse" is a fundamental building block of a song, the part that pushes the narrative forward. Our podcast aims to do just that; our guests will share their journeys and insights to help push our listeners' careers forward.
  • The term "well-versed" means informed or experienced - two things we hope you'll be after listening.
  • "VERSED" is a homophone for "würst," which means "sausage" in German. If you listen regularly, you'll hear plenty of insider info on how the proverbial ASCAP sausage is made. 

Mama, I'm going home.

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