Sundance 2021 Composer Spotlight: Celia Stroom

Celia Stroom

Film: Taming the Garden

Celia Stroom (b. Paris, 1983) is a multidisciplinary artist in the full swing. She has studied several disciplines and works in all of them, creating multifold artworks. Having completed several Master's and a BA at Sorbonne University and Paris Conservatory in Museology, Ethnography, Cultural Management, Contemporary Dance, Sound studies and Opera singing, she dedicates her work to the exploration of the neurological phenomenon of synesthesia in several kinds of artistic experiences, film, sound performances and exhibitions. Her projects lead to an artistic and scientific search for a subtle synchrony of sight and hearing. Therefore, in her music installations and compositions, music is not considered an additional layer to the images, but rather as a chemical fusion of sound and vision. The French artist lives and works in Berlin. She is the art director of Heroines Wave, an international feminist collective where sound, image and body experiences are at the core of a research and artistic program dealing with the tensions between introversion/extraversion in our contemporary society.

Instagram: @celiastroom

Soundcloud: @heroineswave

Vocal installations & Performances:

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