Sundance 2021 Composer Spotlight: Cristóbal MarYán

Cristóbal MarYán 

Film: Son of Monarchs

Cristóbal MarYán was born in Mexico. He graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from NYU Abu Dhabi. His works have been played in New York, Italy, Finland, Canada, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, Portugal and Sri Lanka. Since 2019, MarYán is Guest Composer in Residence at The Orchestra of the Americas.


MarYán also writes music for film, theatre, and TV. In 2019, he scored the documentary Sanctuary that won Best Documentary and Best Feature awards at the Brooklyn Film Festival. Also in 2019, he received the Metropolitano award (Mexico's Tony award) for best sound design in the play 10 out of 12 by Anne Washburn. He has scored a number of short films and scored TV advertisements for FOX, the NFL, Huawei, Chevrolet, NatGeo, Samsung, Bundesliga, The Walking Dead and HP. He lives and works in Mexico. // Facebook: @crismaryan // Instagram: @cris_maryan // Twitter: @cris_maryan

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