Sundance 2021 Composer Spotlight: Tim Kiefer

Tim Kiefer 

Film: Marvelous and the Black Hole


Tim Kiefer is a composer, DJ, and event producer currently residing in Los Angeles. While scoring Cartoon Network's Emmy-winning series Adventure Time, he produced viral hits like “Bacon Pancakes,” and worked with vocal talent such as Willow Smith, Rebecca Sugar, Donald Glover, Andy Samberg and Biz Markie. His compositions from the series have been released on Mondo Music, arranged for live performance at San Diego Comic-Con, and remixed by Gilligan Moss. He has regularly collaborated with Adventure Time co-composer and fellow CalArts alumni Casey Basichis on indie films and the webtoon Bravest Warriors


Kiefer has been deeply involved with left-field music scenes in Los Angeles and San Francisco over the last two decades, hosting electronic musicians like The Glitch Mob, Daedalus and DJ Rashad at his underground club nights Nasty Sonix, Jam! & The Night Kitchen, and DJing an eclectic mix of dance music as Staypuft DJ.



Instagram: @staypuftd // Twitter: @staypuftd

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