Sundance 2021 Composer Spotlight: John Gibson

John Gibson 

Film: Coming Home in the Dark

John Gibson has been composing for theatre, film, television and dance for over three decades, creating over 200 original scores. 

The instrument in his score for Coming Home in the Dark will not be heard in any other film playing at the Sundance, featuring a unique invention from Aotearoa/New Zealand – Marcel Beard’s shimsaw. 

John’s belief in music as a bearer of the essence of human experience has resulted in countless imaginative collaborations with New Zealand’s top professionals, including Auckland Theatre Company director Colin McColl, award-winning documentary filmmaker Leanne Pooley and filmmaker Vincent Ward for whom John received an award in 2008 for Ward’s Rain of the Children

For each project John develops a new technique and approach and is a passionate collaborator. John created the score for one of the world’s first post-COVID live theatre performances – The Masterbuilder.

This year, John is releasing an album of original songs, Blow for Humanity.

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