ASCAP Celebrates Black History Month | Week 4: Members Making History Now

February 22, 2021

History is an active process - it’s written and rewritten each and every day. Our final week of Black History Month coverage looks at ASCAP members whose work in and out of the recording studio is breaking records, shattering barriers and opening doors for Black music creators across the genre spectrum, and the Black community at large. We'll unveil a new group of history-making members each day from February 22 through February 28.

The Change Makers

We dedicate the final day of our Black History Month 2021 coverage to ASCAP members whose commitment to empowering the Black community goes far beyond their music. Each of these music creators is taking a unique path to improving the lives of others.

The Intersection

Queer Black people have informed many of the most exciting developments in music history. Here are 5 Black, LGBTQ+ ASCAP members whose music & outspokenness are driving important conversations about inclusivity & the interplay of Black & queer cultures. 

The Educators

We learn so much from great Black music. Today we’re honoring ASCAP members who’ve taken that education a step further, and become teachers in academic settings.

The Quarantine Heroes

Honoring Black ASCAP members that have shown up and made a positive impact during the pandemic. 

The Wonder Women

Spotlighting incredible Black women who’re killing it across all genres of music. 

The Hall of Famers

Black ASCAP members who’ve entered the Hall of Fame over the last couple years, proving that legendary music never stops inspiring us – and never goes out of style.

The Chart Toppers

First up: five Black ASCAP superstars currently writing some of the most popular, best-loved music in the world.

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