21 Songs That Namecheck ASCAP | ASCAP Celebrates Black History Month

We’ve all done it. Typed our own name into the search bar and waited with anticipation to see the results come pouring in. At ASCAP we’re no different, and for our 107th birthday we got that itch. So we typed our name into Genius to see if we were getting any lyrical love. We were thrilled to see that ASCAP was mentioned in many a rhyme and bar – tons of hip-hop songs name check ASCAP! Since our birthday sits in the middle of Black History Month 2021, we thought we’d take a tour through 21 of our favorite ASCAP namechecks in hip-hop lyrics.

“Feel So Good” by Ma$e (1997)

“With a jet ski attached to a SE, smoke my Nestle / No mad rap - ASCAP, where my check be?”

“Bia’ Bia’” by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz (2000)

Chyna Whyte verse:

“All my thugs let ya wood swang, bitches make ya ass clap / I'm takin' all y'all ASCAP and BMI / Catch me drivin' DUI / Look cause I don't give a f**k, n***a I'm livin' to die”

“The Star” by Wale (2008)

“We got this that, the third and that that /Producers and what not, and we on ASCAP / And we got a studio, engineers on all that / So if you swing by, we’ll throw you a couple tracks”

“When Ya On” by Chamillionaire feat. Nipsey Hussle (2011)

Nipsey Hussle verse: 
“That's how we play it, we living with the fast cash / To all my haters, consider this the last laugh / I've been the greatest in my city, now I'm past that / It's all money ASCAP, broke bitches bag back”

“I Don’t Care” by Funkmaster Flex feat. Jadakiss (2000)

“Aqua blue Viper, whyn't you try to pass that / With bitches that'll snipe you where you buy your hash at / I even give daps to n***as I blast at / And y'all gon' give me my ASCAP, or get your ass capped”

“Part 1” by Noname (2017)

“No sadness, we was past that, me money get the last laugh / Me ASCAP, get cash back, see Venmo, see Cash App / Weekend flight San Francisco knowing that you couldn't match that / But everything is everything, I'll merch that, I'll tat that”

"Jump" by DaBaby feat. NBA YoungBoy (2020)

NBA YoungBoy verse: 
 "I make it jump like, like crack in the '80s / Baby, these bitch ass n****s ain't crazy / Broke ass, ASCAP go straight to my baby.”

“409” by Ice-T (1987)

“As the record revolves money's gettin' made / ASCAP pays me every time it's played”

“Ashes to Ashes” by Blackalicious (2015)

“I got talent these critics do not have / Still they write like some type of authority on rap / Really like they opinion is worthy / I'm like after you make worthy music / Then come and be that cat jack / Plummeting raps at you that's that? / Period done then get checks from ASCAP”

“Ain’t No Doubt About It” by The Game feat. Justin Timberlake (2010)

“N***as energy, is like they got the heaves / Sick of me think they wanna nine milly me / But they ain't for that rat tat tat-tat tat / My bullets sing like they’re registered to ASCAP”


“Servin’” by Gucci Mane (2012)

“Touch down in ya city where the pass at / Where the pass at? you make a n***a laugh black / Need a pass for you n***as, you'll get blast at / You just a mid-grade n***a like my last pack / I'm just a money makin' n***a you can call ASCAP”

“Big Dogs” by Method Man & Redman (1998)

Method Man verse:

“From ASCAP to NASDAQ, get that money sack (uhh) / These habitats ain't no place to raise a FAMILY AT / These alley cats (ha) be at war with these dirty rats (uhh)”

“To My” by Timbaland feat. Nas & Skillz (1998)

Nas verse:

“Already made history, y'all can have that, that ain't s**t to me / About to have my own ASCAP, and NASDAQ / And plus a rotisserie, instead of Kenny Rogers / And Benihana's, y'all can eat, plenty at Nas' / Buffet of lobsters”

“Black Magic (Make It Better)” by Little Brother (2019)

“Black skin, black faces, black people make black magic / So pay me every f**kin' dime and add taxes / Cop a feel in a room full of brass tactics / I been about that work, boy, I been ASCAP'in / You been lyin' 'bout yo bread, n***a you Axe Cappin' / You really 'bout that life or you just hashtaggin'?”


Phonte says on a Genius.com annotation: “I signed up for ASCAP when I was like, I think I was like 19 or 20 years old. You know and I just in my music industry class and I educated myself. We would read and all that stuff and really learn the game, so when labels was talking about that s**t, it didn’t intimidate me because I had kind of been already, you know, been versed in that. So, you know, “I’ve been about that life. Boy, I’ve been ASCAP'n,” that’s me saying I’ve been doing this, I’ve been on my grind, perfecting my craft, writing these songs. I’ve been on it.”

“Hazmat Rap” by Czarface (2013)

Inspectah Deck verse: 

“This is Hazmat rap, scratch that / When this is rocking see n***as droppin' like the NASDAQ stats / Black popping like a ass that's fat / Trapping that cash, on top of that I'm getting ASCAP stacks”

“Industrial Revolution (Dirty)” by Immortal Technique (2003)

“My metaphors are dirty like herpes but harder to catch / Like an escape tunnel in prison, I started from scratch / And now these parasites want a percent of my ASCAP / Trying to control perspective like an acid flashback”

“Respect Due” by Naughty by Nature (1995)

“The next three weeks my single done peaked on the rap sheets / Sound's knockin' from malls to swapmeets / And then there's oh mad tours and oh mad whores / We sign autographs by the G's in the in-stores / And then there's oh mad sex and ASCAP checks / So when I, um, plex it, it's me I'm in the beamer or Lexus”

“Another One” by Nelly (2004)

“I'm a muh'f***a, a motherf***a muh'f***a / Have my son daddy uncle nephew brother muh'f***a / I'mma low pro arsenal, and you can ask / SoundScan or ASCAP if you doubtin yo”

“Money Talks” by Flipmode Squad (1998)

Rah Digga verse:

“I'm supposed to change you just didn't / Stuck in low income homes blaming Clinton / Bitch like me, gon rock till my last batch of breath / With a grave full of ASCAP checks”

“Renaissance Man” by Jay Electronica (2007)

“These nerds at record labels played me Dumb and Dumber / So I showed the industry my ass crack like a plumber / Now ASCAP bangin' on my door like a drummer / The fall's 'bout to put a period on the summer”

“Wild & Crazy” by Dr. Octagon (1996)

“Kickin lyrics for ASCAP, brothers I be housin’ / Splittin publishin’, gainin’ points, rappin' back again”

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