2020 ASCAP Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop

Composer Spotlight: Sanjay Pamaar


Sanjay Garcia Pamaar is a composer for film, multimedia, and advertisement based in New York City. Sanjay received a Bachelor’s degree in Music at Boston College, studying classical composition under Ralf Yusuf Gawlick, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in New York University’s Film Scoring Program where currently studies with film composers Chris Hajian and Irwin Fisch. In 2019, Sanjay composed the score to the 25-minute documentary Puff Puff Pak (dir. Fahad Naveed), the video game Super Orc Dream Dungeon Adventure, and the 6-minute film Moving Out. He is currently working on an 11-minute tech drama short, Third Eye (dir. Aditya Bhatt) and the 6-minute artistic manifesto, Home Is Where Your Art Lives (dir. Deja Green). Sanjay’s musical influences range from the classical and jazz repertoire, to metal, prog-rock, pop, hip-hop, and scores for film and video games. He lives to collaborate with others, and thrives on the connections and growth that can be built through teamwork and artistry.

2020 ASCAP Columbia Film Scoring Workshop

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