2020 ASCAP Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop

Composer Spotlight: Ben Heim


Ben Heim is an Australian composer, artist, and creative technologist currently based in New York City. His work spans contemporary classical music, film scoring, video art, live immersive experiences, audio visual installations/performances, and virtual reality. Heim’s trademark style focuses on the fusion of innovative sound design and nuanced scoring of acoustics instruments to create impactful sound worlds completely unique to each project he undertakes. His resume includes credits on films at SXSW 2020 (Critical Thinking); documentaries that have been shown as part of Atlantic Selects (Heartbeat Iowa, 2019), and at numerous festivals including DOC NYC (Heartbeat Iowa) and the London Marijuana Film Festival (High Hopes, 2019); as well a wide range of other projects including VR video game scores (Space Crawl, 2017) and banking app audio branding (Yolt [UK], 2018). Ben is currently completing his Master’s degree in Film Scoring at New York University with a full scholarship provided by the Brian May Foundation.


2020 ASCAP Columbia Film Scoring Workshop

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