2020 Sundance ASCAP Music Café: Derek Smalls (Formerly of the Band Formerly Known as Spinal Tap)

Derek Smalls

Performing Thursday, 1/30 @ 5:00 & Friday, 1/31 @ 2:45

The Road of Rock is a rocky road, and no one’s life exemplifies that more thoroughly than that of Derek Albion Smalls, who celebrates his 75th birthday with a hoped-to-be triumphant return to at least one of the echelons of the rock firmament. Smalls Change is a poignant and oftentimes furious contemplation on ageing that explores the passing of time and all things loud...the album possesses the edgy rawness and Rock God sensibility that was always shared by Derek and his fellow former band members Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins.