2020 Sundance ASCAP Music Café: Joseph Arthur


Performing Sunday, 1/26 @ 2:45 & Monday, 1/27 @ 2:00

On October 11, Joseph Arthur returned after a three year absence with the release of the new solo album Come Back World. On its release, he shares, “The interesting parts of our stories aren’t the famous people we meet. Or the times when everything is basically working. Or when we get to lay in comfort with a partner watching Netflix and the world go by. The interesting parts are when all those things break down and you’re left in isolation to finally deal with the roots of whatever had been thwarting your existence all along. The interesting parts are when the world has turned its back on you and you have turned your back on it or them. When darkness could seemingly swallow you whole if it hasn’t already. When there is no such thing as hope and so you manufacture it from a dream which only angle is to survive. Come Back World is an album about rebirth and survival.” Over the course of his career to date, Joseph has released 14 albums under his own name, 11 official EP’s and has been involved with several high-profile side projects including last year’s collaboration with Peter Buck under the name Arthur Buck, Fistful of Mercy (with Ben Harper & Dhani Harrison), and RDNM with Jeff Ament and Richard Stuverud. Recently Joseph Arthur also launched a new Podcast called “Come to Where I’m From” which to date has featured celebrities, comedians and musicians from across the board. Recent guests include, Rosanna Arquette, Mark Lanegan, Todd Barry, Keith Morris and Joan Osborne to name a few. The podcast is available in both audio form everywhere podcasts are found (iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts) as well as multi-camera video format on YouTube, with new episodes launching twice a week. All episodes can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/josepharthurofficial