Sundance 2020 Composer Spotlight: Uno Helmersson

Helmersson Uno 

Film: The Painter And The Thief

Uno Helmersson is an award-winning Swedish composer and a multi instrumentalist whose credits include the worldwide hit tv series The Bridge, broadcast in more than 100 territories and for which he was awarded a Golden FIPA.

Other major credits include the Emmy winning Armadillo documentary series following a group of Danish soldiers for 6 months in Afghanistan; Magnus, about the life of Norway’s Mozart of Chess directed by Benjamin Ree for Norway’s Moskus Film; Susanne Bier’s A Second Chance, additional score; Mikkei Norgaard’s The Absent One, Zentropa’s Department Q film series. With over 60 composer credits on IMDB on multiple awarded films and documentaries, and with more than 800 registered compositions on his rights society, he is among the top composers in the northern part of Europe.

Uno will be releasing five albums this year, some of his soundtracks and a solo album he’s been honing for the last twelve months.

Facebook: @unohelmer
Instagram: @unohelmerssonofficial

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