Sundance 2020 Composer Spotlight: Adam Gunther

Gunther Adam 

Film: Three Deaths

Adam Gunther is a composer and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. With experience in pop production, multi-media theater and experimental composition, Gunther brings a modern aesthetic and dramaturgy to narrative work. His work has appeared in The New York Times op-doc series, The Atlantic magazine's Atlantic Selects series, and, to name a few. Gunther prides himself on working with independent directors and has forged close collaborations with Jay Dockendorf, Alexa Karolinski, Charlotte Benbeniste, and Loris Lai. The collaboration with Jay Dockendorf started as teenagers playing in local bands, grew into the score for Dockendorf's first feature Naz & Maalik (2015), and has reached a new apex with the score for Three Deaths, a dramatic short based on Leo Tolstoy's short-story of the same name. Three Deaths is Gunther's first score at Sundance.


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