Sundance 2020 Composer Spotlight: K.S. Elias

Elias KS 

Film: Saudi Runaway

Right after his studies at Folkwang University of the arts, K.S. Elias started at the age of 26 to compose music for Film and TV. Elias's works have received numerous awards and been screened at film festivals worldwide.

In 2017 K.S. Elias composed the music for the Oscar nominated documentary feature Of Fathers and Sons. In addition to being nominated for the 2019 Academy Award as Best Documentary Feature, the film is also nominated for the 2019 Independent Spirit Award. Furthermore the film received the World Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Festival 2018. So far, the film has been screened at over 100 film festivals and has received more than 30 awards. The music was well received at the film launch in The Hollywood Reporter.

In 2013, K.S. Elias was appointed Professor for “Composition and Arrangement for Media” in the master film music program at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.


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