Sundance 2020 Composer Spotlight: JB Arthur

Arthur JB 

Film: Okavango: River of Dreams

SAMA (South African Music Awards) and Emmy award-winning composer, musical arranger and GRAMMY Award-winning producer, JB Arthur has made music his life for the past 43 years, and continues to do so, working alongside some of South Africa’s and the world’s greats. From conducting a full orchestra at age twenty four to receiving the highest accolades the industry offers, JB Arthur’s musical journey has been as vibrant as the music he Creates.

Working across all disciplines, harnessing the beauty and power of every imaginable musical genre - rock, pop, African, world music, orchestral, big band, inspirational, jazz, and gospel - JB has added soul to countless films, documentaries, TV commercials, live concerts and television shows.

JB’s well-known studio, Joe’s Garage, has produced or contributed to projects involving many international artists (Ladysmith Black Mambaso, The Corrs, Beth Nielsen Chapman among them) with JB at the creative and technical helm, and has also been a creative and production home for some of South Africa’s leading musical talents including Watershed, Ringo Madlingozi, Freshly Ground, “The One Who Sings”, Joe Niemand, Carlo Mombelli, Nianell, PJ Powers, Wambali, and Tony Cox, to name a few.


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