Warbly Jets

Warbly Jets

Performing 1/27 @ 2:45 & 1/28 @ 3:30

Hailing from three opposite points of the USA, Samuel Shea (vox/guitar), Julien O’Neill and Dan Gerbang (bass) ultimately converged on the star-lined streets of LA. The gold-flaked promises and industry buzz swiftly generated by their impressive sound left them with a sour taste — resulting in the quiet determination and staunchly independent approach that remains at their core. After self-producing and releasing their debut LP, they spent a nonstop year on the road opening for Liam Gallagher, Dandy Warhols and Mystery Lights — plus headlining tours of their own in China and the UK. 


"The independent American Rock and Roll band to watch." - Purple Magazine

"A true ode to American rock energy." - Rolling Stone France

"Warbly Jets are at the pinnacle of the most infectious brand of pop meshed with rock and roll. With a look to match their sound, there is no stopping the quartet from soaring." - Rough Trade