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Britta Phillips is a member of the band Luna, the duo Dean & Britta, and a solo recording artist. She and bandmate/husband Dean Wareham began scoring together in 2005 with Noah Baumbach’s, The Squid and The Whale, and returned to Sundance in 2015 with Mistress America (Baumbach’s second collaboration with Greta Gerwig), tapping various eras and styles to support the director’s vision, from classic to folky to electronic. In 2009, a commission by the Warhol museum resulted in “13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests,” a multimedia performance which toured the world, as well as an album and DVD.

Britta began her career as the singing voice of cartoon character, Jem, and co-starring in the teen movie, Satisfaction. She also creates original music for national ad campaigns for companies such as Levi’s and Calvin Klein, as is a voice actor on an Adult Swim stop-motion animation series.


Facebook: @BrittaPhillipsMusic
Twitter: @brittaphillips
Instagram: @britta_phillips

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