John Erik Kaada



Cold Case Hammarskjöld


With over 50 feature films and documentaries to his credit, Norwegian composer John Erik Kaada (“Kaada” as he’s often called) is one of the most sought after film composers in Europe. Also a prolific recording artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Kaada has also enjoyed a string of critically acclaimed solo albums, a high-profile collaboration with artist Mike Patton, and many records and world tours as a member of the alternative power-trio, Cloroform. Kaada’s style is perhaps most easily defined by his unique sounds and penchant for eclectic instrumentation.

Select film score credits include: O’Horten (Bent Hamer), La liste de mes envies (Didier Le Pecheur), Sunshine Superman (Marah Strauch), and Diving into the Unknown (Juan Reina)


Facebook: @kaada
Twitter: @KaadaMusikk
Instagram: @kaada_

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