Leo Heiblum

Leo Heiblum


Birds of Passage
Midnight Family
Monos (As an advisor)


Leo Heiblum is from Mexico City and has been doing music for films from all over the world for 20 years. He owns "Audioflot" with his partner Jacobo Lieberman, where he produces music for all kinds of visual arts, original and traditional music.

He just released two albums collaborating with Philip Glass as a producer and as a musician, and he is working on three albums with Patti Smith. He is working on a TV Series produced by Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal and a film also directed by Bernal.

Films with his music have been presented and have won awards in the most important festivals in the world. He is currently part of the SNCA (National System of Art Creators) which is a recognition given by CONACULTA (National Council for Culture and Arts) to notable artists and scientists, who rendered outstanding services by their work to the creative identity of Mexico.


Website: www.audioflot.com
Facebook: @Leo.Heiblum
Twitter: @leoheiblum
Instagram: @leoheiblum

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