Heidi Happy

Heidi Happy


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The Swiss singer and multi instrumentalist started her career in 2006 and was immediately embraced by the crowd for her warm voice and her unique songwriting. She's looking back at collaborations with big names like Yello, Stephan Eicher or Scott Matthew, various chart placements (Top 10 in the Swiss Album Charts and Top 200 in the CMJ Charts among others) and hundreds of shows both in Switzerland and abroad.

While studying audio visual arts at the Gerrit Rietveld academy in Amsterdam (NL), Heidi started composing her first film music for her own animations, using just her voice. Soon after, she recorded scores for films of her filmmaker friends, and meanwhile, she’s built her own diverse, playful and touching universe of film music, including folk songs, traditional folk music, country, classical, jazz and pop music, reaching from intimate, fragile fragments to fully orchestrated pieces.


Website: www.heidihappy.ch
Facebook: @HeidiHappy
Instagram: @heidi.happy
Bandcamp: heidihappy.bandcamp.com/

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