Danny Bensi

Danny Bensi


The Wolf Hour


Danny Bensi is an award-winning film composer, writing alongside Saunder Jurriaans. The duo has been playing music together for over twenty years. In the last eight years, they have completed well over 100 acclaimed film and TV scores.

Before moving to New York in 2001, Danny was raised studying the cello in Europe. Danny and Saunder are known for bold unpredictability, uniqueness, and their ability to interpret a wide range of genres. Drawing from an array of modern classical styles and beyond, their compositions are filled with atypical orchestrations, sensuous melodies, and visceral soundscapes.

Some of their most notable credits include: Martha Marcy May Marlene (Dir. Sean Durkin), Enemy (Dir. Denis Villeneuve), The Gift (Dir. Joel Edgerton), Jason Bateman’s Ozark (Netflix), Fear the Walking Dead (AMC), and of American Gods (STARZ). In addition, Danny and Saunder have also successfully ventured into the video game world with their score for Ubisoft’s For Honor.

Their latest film projects include Joel Edgerton’s Recently released and critically acclaimed Film Boy Erased (starring Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe), and Alistair Banks Griffin’s upcoming mystery thriller The Wolf Hour (starring Naomi Watts).


Website: www.stenfertcharles.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Danny-Bensi-Saunder-Jurriaans-111631025553742/

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