#ASCAPProud: Lizbeth Roman

Lizbeth Roman

Lizbeth Roman is a Puerto Rican indie jazz singer / songwriter.

Q. Where or when do you feel most authentically yourself?
A. In my songs. Also, when I am performing or reading a book in a peaceful spot. Music and contemplation are places where I feel completely myself.

Q. How does creating music fit into your identity?
A. Creating, narrating, articulating universes, the imaginary, the reality and the fiction, is my passion and what I’m about as myself, as an artist and as human.

Q. What would be the elements of your fantasy pride parade? The sky is the limit, NO RULES.
A. Everyone on it. No borders.

Q. What is your wish for the next generation of queer creators?
A. Freedom, compassion, passion, solidarity, inclusion, risk and a platform where we can all be and create without being discriminated against.

Q. What’s been your proudest moment so far?
A. I got some proud moments, but one of the best was when I saw my little brother playing a rooster in a Christmas school play. He killed it; I wasn’t expecting it because he has always been a shy person. It made me feel so proud.

Instagram: @lizbethromanmusica

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