#ASCAPProud: Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance
Greyson Chance is a singer-songwriter.
Q. Where or when do you feel most authentically yourself? 
A. I feel the most at home within myself and within my identity during the creative process. Whether it be when I am writing music, art directing, gigging, what have you, the creation of art is where I feel my most peaceful and calm. Like many people too, I also feel most authentically myself when I am back home in my native Oklahoma. 

Q. How does creating music fit into your identity?
A. It’s everything; creating music is my identity. When I was 18 a few years ago, I felt at a complete loss in music and I decided to halt my pursuits in entertainment and go to college. It was through this process that I discovered my true purpose which was, and has always been, to create music. When I came back into the industry, I recognized that, after this realization, I didn’t care about the result of my craft or how much notoriety it might bring, I just knew that I needed to do it. It’s a special thing, and I now understand that. 

Q. What would be the elements of your fantasy pride parade/celebration? The sky is the limit, NO RULES. 
A. After performing at a handful of Pride festivals across the States this year, I think my fantasies have already been reached in a way. We still have a long way to go, but the perseverance that the LGBTQ+ community has shown in this country is astonishing to me. And I do believe that the next generation of Americans will be a much more loving and accepting one because of this bravery and courage. 

Q. What is your wish for the next generation of queer creators?
A. To be authentic to themselves and not to society’s idea of them and who they are. 

Q. What’s been your proudest moment so far?
A. Releasing my album portraits this past year. For the longest time, I was told that my career in music would never have another chapter after my viral success when I was a kid. Rather than letting this negativity alter my path, I put my head down and kept on working to eventually prove those people wrong. I’ve been humbled by the results of hard work and focus this year, and I intend on letting that guide me through my next records to come.
Instagram: @greysonchance

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