#ASCAPProud: Bonnie Baker

Bonnie Baker
Bonnie Baker is a Nashville based hit songwriter & publisher who has worked in the music business for over 20 years. She studied creative writing and literature in college before moving to Nashville to learn songwriting in 1992. In addition to co-writing songs and launching her own publishing company Devan Publishing, she is deeply passionate about living a creative life & works on her craft each day.


Q. Where or when do you feel most authentically yourself?
A. I feel the most authentic when my little family unit is in the kitchen making dinner together and discussing our day. I don't need to be anyone other than who I am.

Q. How does creating music fit into your identity?
A. My love of music and creating music is absolutely the door into who I am. I don't feel any separation from the creator and the person.

Q. What would be the elements of your fantasy pride parade/ celebration? The sky is the limit, NO RULES.
A. My fantasy elements of a pride parade would simply be grandparents and parents and children all having a kitchen dance party together. Generations connected and supporting each other. Of course there would be some Elton John and Queen playing loudly as we hand out tie dye t-shirts that say PRIDE (not just for lion families anymore). Of course, we would need to sneak in some elements of EDM with Porter Robinson and Madeon etc. to speak to the 16 year olds.

Q. What is your wish for the next generation of queer creators?
A. My wish for the next generation of queer creators is that their sexuality is not even mentioned in their biography. They are just creators. That label isn't needed any more.

Q. What’s been your proudest moment so far?
A. My proudest moment in my whole life is becoming a parent. My son Asher is 16 years old this year. He is the most creative human I've ever met. He loves music, he loves art, he loves being around creative people. He identifies as Bisexual and we as a family completely support both he and his music. It is such an honor to be his parent. There is no award or amount of money that will ever measure up to my role in his life.

Website: http://www.bkermusic.com/
Instagram: @bonnie_j_baker

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