2019 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop: Stefano Sacchi


Stefano Sacchi is an Italian composer, orchestrator and conductor. He studied music composition at the Istituto Musicale "G.Donizetti" in Bergamo and at the Conservatorio di Musica "G.Verdi" in Milan. He graduated from S.T.Ar.S (Science and Technology of Performing Art and Entertainment) specializing in Film Production at Università€ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Brescia. He completed the Certificate Program in Film Scoring at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2014. He currently works with various film and TV productions as a composer, arranger and orchestrator of music for film, television, documentaries, commercials and video games.

His music has been performed and recorded by some of the most brilliant orchestras, such as the Hollywood Studio Symphony, the Brandenburg State Orchestra, the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, the Bulgarian National Radio Symphonic Orchestra and the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra just to name a few.

His scores for the short-film Milo-n the Moon and A Teddy Child were awarded with a Global Music Award and many of his classical works were nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2014 - 2018.

Stefano is also involved in teaching seminars and workshops about the Dramaturgy of Music and Sound in the Audiovisuals and "Introduction to Film Scoring, collaborating with several universities and music schools.

Learn more at www.stefanosacchi.com

2019 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop