2019 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop: Harlan Hodges


West Texas born composer Harlan Hodges writes, performs and records music that blends the lonesome, smoky and distant atmospheres of the American Southwest with the lush harmonic language of jazz and vibrant melodies of the Hollywood Golden Age. Educated in the classical tradition and self taught as a jazz musician, his music embraces the intimate relationship between styles, improvisation, performance, cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship. The soulful call of blues, rolling rhythm of Western Swing, driving forces of rock and the great orchestral literature have all contributed to an eclectic and versatile background for his unique approach to scoring in modern cinema.

He was a finalist for the American Prize in composition for his work Three American Etudes (2017-2018) and is an alumnus of the SESAC Scores project, GRAMMY NEXTand the SCL Mentor Program. His most recent work includes music written for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (2019) at Disney's theme parks, Ghosted (2019), and The Legend of Grayson Crockett (2018).

He lives in Los Angeles, CA working full-time as a composer for films, television, games and records.

Learn more at www.harlanhodges.com

2019 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop