Elliot Root

Performing 1/23 @ 3:30 & 1/24 @ 2:00

Elliot Root is a four-pierce Alternative Rock band from Nashville TN. After releasing their first two EPs in 2015, the band’s unique sound quickly gained attention with the track “Punks and Poets” topping Spotify’s “Sounds of Nashville” Top 100 chart and reaching Spotify’s US Viral 50 Chart. In August 2017 the band released their highly anticipated debut full-length album, Conjure, which has garnered praise across the industry and has been played over 2.5 million times on Spotify alone. In 2018 the band departs on their first headline tour across the USA. 

Conjure may very well give Elliot Root a bona fide breakthrough, but the band’s intent focus on creating expressive music that reflects its members with uncompromising honesty is undoubtedly what will steer them there.” -Albumism 

“I cannot emphasize enough how incredible I think they are. Few bands have resonated with me over the last two years the way Elliot Root has...Elliot Root is a band that has it. A nebulous thing, it is really hard to describe what it is. But I know it when I hear it. And they have it.” - Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

“….the album is wonderful...an impressive debut and this reviewer for one can’t wait for everyone to get a listen.” - MusicExistence   

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