Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson


Anote’s Ark


Now a decade into his career as a recording artist and performer, Patrick Watson has a number of achievements under his belt. He has played sold out festivals around the world to immense audiences, performed with full symphonic orchestras in Europe and Canada, composed several feature film scores, most recently The 9th Life of Louis Drax and also performed two songs in Wim Wenders 3D epic Everything Will Be Fine.

2015 saw the release of Patrick Watson’s 5th album Love Songs For Robots. Watson first galvanized this “temporary project” in 2006 with the Polaris Prize-winning debut Close to Paradise. This release loudly announced his presence on the Canadian and international music scene. Signatures like his hushed falsetto croon remain as the vessels that transport his vast emotional depths, but Love Songs For Robots proudly shows Watson sailing out into uncharted waters once again.


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