Ophir Leibovitch





Israeli composer Ophir Leibovitch is the recipient of the Ophir music Award - Israel's version of the Academy Awards for the film Foxtrot (Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival). Leibovitch is a three times Ophir award nominee, one of the most highly evaluated composers in the Israeli film industry who has over hundred scores on his growing record.

Leibovitch received the prestige and honorable 2012 ACUM award (The Israeli Association of Authors, Publishers, and Music Composers) for best television and film original composer.

Known for his comprehensive cinematheque understanding that allows him to both nurture a unique relationship with directors and contribute to film education programs, Leibovitch was awarded The Haggiag Best Music Award 2015 at the Jerusalem International Film Festival, for his score of the Documentary Strung Out.

With numerous of his scores produced for award-winning films presented at festivals such as IDFA, Venice International Film Festival, Palm Springs, Tribeca Film Festival, Berlinale International Film Festival, Leibovitch also wrote the score for AOL’s reality series Connected.


Website: http://ophirleibovitch.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ophir-leibovitch
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ophir.leibovitch