Hans Appelqvist

hans appelqvist


The Burden


Since the early 2000's, critically acclaimed composer, artist and director, Appelqvist has been exploring the wonderful world of music and film. Sometimes resulting in album releases, like Bremort, set in a fictitious small town. And sometimes in short films like Sing the End Now in 2012. Hans Appelqvist’s music is known for it’s melancholic harmonies and ever surprising genre leaps. His most recent album, Swimming Pool, was released on American experimental label Orange Milk Records. 

Alongside his recording career he has also worked on several film and theatre productions. Most recently he finished the the orchestral score for Marcus Lindeen’s feature length documentary, The Raft (Fasad). He is also adding the finishing touches to the score for Mikel Cee Karlsson’s Fraemling (Plattform produktion).


Website: sifantin.net
Facebook: facebook.com/hansappelqvist
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/hans-appelqvist

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