François Jolin

francois jolin


The Oslo Diaries


François is a Canadian composer based in Montreal. He started composing for films in 2002, scoring numerous documentary series for local and national broadcasters. Besides The Oslo Diaries, one of his latest films includes Water Reflections - a Baraka’s style audiovisual ode to Water.

François is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist. He is known for creating unique narrative-driven soundbeds mixing electronics and organic sound design as well as for his wall-to-wall hybrid orchestral style. He likes to journey from fiction films to documentaries and video games.

One of his recent projects, Fall of Gods - She is Gone, is a book score based on Norse mythology. The story will be turned into a film by 20th Century Fox with Wes Ball as director.

François also is the creative lead at Eon Sounds where he supervised the music and sound design for promotional audiovisual campaigns by Warner Bros., Blizzard, and Square Enix.



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