David Lang

david lang




Passionate, prolific and complicated, composer David Lang embodies the spirit of invention. He is both deeply versed in the classical tradition and committed to creating new forms of music that resist categorization. Lang’s pieces often resemble each other only in their fierce intelligence and clarity of vision. Much of Lang’s work expands the definition of virtuosity in music; even the deceptively simple pieces can be fiendishly difficult to play and require incredible concentration from musicians and audiences alike.

Lang earned Golden Globe, Critics' Choice, and Academy Award nominations for his music for Paolo Sorrentino's film Youth. In addition, Lang has scored Paul Dano's directorial debut, Wildlife, set to come out this year. A much sought-after collaborator in film, art, theater and dance, Lang contributed all the arrangements for the Kronos Quartet for the landmark film Requiem for a Dream and scored the Emmy Award-winning documentary The Woodmans.



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