Cody Westheimer

cody westheimer


Halfway There


When he’s not running, riding his bike or exploring the wilderness, Cody Westheimer is racking up credits as diverse as they are interesting. To date, he’s amassed hundreds of hours of music for feature films, documentary series, and iconic sports events such as the Tour de France on NBC. The composer for BBC/PBS Nature’s H is for Hawk: A New Chapter, the IMAX film Journey to Space 3D, he recently released a solo album, Montana Sketches.

Westheimer is known not just for his interesting twists on orchestral music but for creating unexpected blends of instruments – which he plays – such as the Japanese shakuhachi (bamboo flute), banjo and tuba.

An avid craftsman, Cody built his studio desk out of reclaimed lumber and recently designed a portable music studio which was profiled by Mix magazine and Outside TV. Cody lives in LA with his wife (Composer Julia Newmann), daughter and pups.


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