Carl Coleman and Caspar Hesselager

carl coleman and caspar hesselager


The Guilty


Carl Coleman and Caspar Hesselager are an Australian/Danish duo based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they are best known as Palace Winter, a critically acclaimed indie-rock band whose music is often characterized as cinematic, "widescreen" and driving.

Having earned themselves a growing fan-base across Europe, as well as praise from BBC, The Guardian, NME, KEXP, KCRW and many other major media outlets, The Guilty by Gustav Möller marks their debut as composers for the screen, something that only seems like a natural leap for the two.

Although new to the business of scoring movies, Coleman and Hesselager have wide-ranging experience with numerous releases to their names.

Coleman’s traditional singer-songwriter background and distinct guitar and writing style, mixed with Hesselager’s background as a classically trained pianist, synth-wizard" and a producer and mixing engineer for a wealth of Danish bands, all make for a highly dynamic partnership that covers a lot of musical ground.



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