Antonio Quiroga Waldthaler

antonio quiroga waldthaler




Toni Quiroga is an artist and musician living and working in Berlin. He composed the music as well as the sound design for the the film [O].

He makes cyber-techno-punk as Donna Haringwey, drawing inspiration from industrial, noise, and early EDM but also from his earlier musical roots in black metal and hardcore. Toni is also a member of the synth-punk duo Raum-Zeit.

Furthermore he is active as an artist exploring media genealogy through sound installations, where his work is formed through his radical DIY attitude, creating every used instrument from scratch or sometimes even from the residues of the earth or from waste itself. He also teaches those techniques in workshops around Europe.

Additionally, Toni started organizing intimate experimental club nights in 2014 in London at venues like Rye Wax, Cafe Oto and The Waiting Room.


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