2018 ASCAP Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop

Tori Sweeney


Music has been and will always be my life and my passion. Creation, composition, and performance of music is a way to express all my creativity. My formal education in the field of music began my seventh grade year at Orange County High School of the Arts (OCSHA). As a student in the musical and theatre conservatory at OCSHA, I was constantly performing in musicals, acting in front of an audience, and singing in live concerts. Numerous classes centered around vocal skills which helped me strengthen my musicianship, artistry, and singing technique.

As I began my first year of college at University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley), I was given the opportunity to enter a music program that led to my discovery of my love for music composition. Required to enroll in courses on musicianship and music theory, I was immediately challenged to improve my skills as a musician. With each semester, my classes grew more demanding and brought greater advancement in my musical proficiency. At the same time, while taking these classes I fell in love with dissecting music, analyzing orchestral scores, and learning the “rules” of music harmony. Alongside these practical music courses, I surrounded myself with classes in music history.

My love of music quickly grew beyond contemporary music and musical theatre. I was inspired by Haydn’s standardization of the symphony, Mozart’s dalliance with opera buffa, and Beethoven’s liberation of the symphony. Analyzing masterpieces from composers from the past 500 years opened the different and beautiful world of classical music to me. In my classical music studies, I seemed to always be drawn to the new and dramatic which would explain my favoring of the Romantics. Listening to Berlioz, Chopin, and Wagner sparked a need to compose music of my own. Furthering my education in composition and orchestration courses, UC Berkeley began to transform me into not just a music performer and music lover, but into a music composer.

Upon completion of my undergraduate music program, I was fortunately accepted into the Steinhart School of Culture, Education and Human Development at New York University, for the graduate program Composition for Film and Visual Media. At New York University, I have grown beyond the barriers of a student and become a working professional within the music and film industry. I have had the opportunity to work on a short film that has premiered at the Cannes Short Film Corner and two documentaries to be premiered in Spring 2018. I also look for opportunities beyond film, becoming a collaborator on a video game. My sound has been molded within my studies and opportunities presented at New York University. All my experiences and education thus far in my life have prepared me for the next challenge. I am always looking for an opportunity to share my love and passion for music. I was all in during high school, I was all in through college, I will be all in when attending graduate school, until I achieve my dream of becoming a successful composer.


2018 ASCAP Columbia Film Scoring Workshop