Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Panel Block #2

Keeping the Faith: How to Build a Career in Gospel Music

For millions of fans worldwide, gospel music is more than just a genre. It’s a powerful way of bringing together worshippers and attaining new spiritual heights. For gospel music creators, it’s also a career path. Our panel of inspirational music pros will explain how they balance the financial, creative and spiritual aspects of gospel music. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of how to forge a sustainable, fulfilling career out of your higher calling.

Panelists: Lonny Bereal, Stan Jones, Brian Courtney Wilson

Mix It Up: Hit Producers Talking Tracks

What gives a hit producer that magic touch? How does one become a soundboard virtuoso? All aspiring production gurus, come on down to this brain trust of star producers for a master class in all things mixed, chopped, punched-in and everything in between. These four sonic wizards will take you inside the life and times of a successful working music producer. They’ll pull back the curtain on some of their biggest hits, and give you all the tips and tricks they don’t teach you in class.

Moderator: Angie Pagano

Panelists: Jayson Dezuzio, Hitmaka, Stefan Johnson, Jeremy Reeves, Greg Wells

New Industry, New Rules: The Songwriter’s Guide to Earning a Living in the Digital Age

The way fans pay for music has changed fundamentally. And that’s had major ramifications on how songwriters and other music creators make a living. Fortunately, there are many new paths to revenue in today’s new music industry. Whether its connecting with investors, offering cryptocurrency tokens, effectively tracking royalties, or a new approach to advances, this panel convenes the top companies leading this charge. Learn how each is taking a different innovative approach, and what that means for your career.

Moderator: Andy Hermann

Panelists: Dae Bogan, DeDe Burns, Tracy Maddux, Vickie Nauman

Ode to Joystick: The Video Game Music Upgrade

Time to level up, everybody. Settle in for insights straight from the composers behind the heart-pounding soundscapes of Call of Duty, Bioshock, World of Warcraft, Fortnite and more! Explore every easter egg, every sweeping score and sonic boom. These industry pros will school you on the particulars of scoring for the gaming world, the current state of video game music and where we go from here. Game on, EXPO!

Moderator: Jayson Hayes

Panelists: Marco Beltrami, Wilbert Roget II, Eímear Noone, Garry Schyman, Pinar Toprak