Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Panel Block #1

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Master Session with The Futuristics

Songwriting and production duo The Futuristics met while interning at Atlantic Records in 2010. Since their formation, Joe Khajadourian and Alex Schwartz have been crushing the charts and are here to discuss their methods and various recipes for success. These industry pros have worked with MGK, Camila Cabello, G-Eazy, Selena Gomez and more, so you know they'll have a ton of real insight into what it really takes to make it in the competitive world of contemporary pop. Partnership and collaboration can be CRUCIAL to your career in creation – hear straight from a stellar partnership what collaboration means to them, and how it can elevate your craft and process. A hit song may be in your future!

Panelists: The Futuristics, Gabz Landman, Rhea Pasricha

Words & Music by Dan WIlson

In this unique master session, Grammy-winning artist, songwriter and producer Dan Wilson will focus on the creative process, inspiration and songwriting. Dan will discuss his insights, expanding on the songwriting and life advice clips he shares frequently via Instagram in his popular series #WordsAndMusicInSixSeconds. (A taste of Dan's wisdom: "What are the ground rules for collaboration? Bring compassion to a writing session. Teach yourself to finish. Don't 'save' your ideas.") Wilson will also perform and tell the stories behind some of the modern day classics he’s penned, both on his own and with collaborators. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most prolific and inspiring hitmakers in music!

Panelist: Dan Wilson

Label Mates: How to Find the Right Record Label

In a world with ever-evolving technology, we have seen artists make it in this industry without being signed to a record label. While ASCAP's purpose is to represent songwriters and composers, a lot of our members are working on artist projects with hopes of pursuing an artist career. If you feel lost about whether you want to go big, small or even solo, this is the panel for you. We have industry pros from APG, Rostrum, Empire and more to walk you through your career decisions and help you find the right home for your music.

Moderator: Cristina Chavez

Panelists: Ericka Coulter, Benjy Grinberg, Ghazi Shami, Phil Stein, Jeff Vaughn

The Paths of Rhythm: From Producer to Composer

More and more producers are bringing their beatmaking skills to the screen these days. But what does the journey from producer to film/TV composer look like? At this panel, you’ll hear from respected producers about how the discrete worlds of production and scoring are closer than you might think. Tune in as our panelists tell the lessons they’ve learned in their transitions from turntable to television.

Moderator: Kevin Randolph

Panelists: Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Morgan Rhodes, Adrian Younge