Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Watch them Do: A Conversation with Meghan Trainor and J Kash

Someone might need to calm us down… Join us for a conversation with modern pop icon Meghan Trainor and frequent chart-topping collaborator J Kash. Meghan is here to give us all goosebumps with an in-depth look at her creative process, and insights into what makes her tick. Meghan will tell the story of her rise to the top - from her very first ASCAP EXPO at 16 to her breakthrough with “All About That Bass;” from her songwriting for others to her chart-topping, Grammy-winning success as a solo artist. Hit machine J Kash, the architect of some of your favorite pop songs of the last few years e.g. “Attention,” “Sugar,” and Meghan singles “No” and “Me Too,” will lend his perspective and expertise as one of pop music’s most sought-after collaborators and most consistently successful hitmakers. J Kash will school you on how to keep your work fresh, innovative and ever-improving. Need a dose of inspiration? You have “No Excuses” for missing this candid session with two of today’s songwriting superheroes.

Moderator: John Titta

Panelists: J Kash, Meghan Trainor