Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Panel Block #2

Live Multi-Genre Song Feedback Session with Darrell Brown

Master “song whisperer” Darrell Brown returns for another marathon session of spontaneous, high-energy song feedback. This hit writer-producer will help you figure out what’s great about your song and what could use some work - then he’ll help you rebuild it even better, with the help of the audience. Come prepared for a chance to play your original song live, and you might just leave with your next big hit!

Panelist: Darrell Brown

Good Man: Master Session with Ne-Yo

They just don’t make ‘em like Ne-Yo anymore. This jack-of-all-trades singer, producer, dancer and actor first made waves as a songwriter, penning hits for Mario (“Let Me Love You”), Beyoncé (“Irreplaceable”), Rihanna (“Take a Bow”) and many more. He then brought his silken voice and songwriting skills to a string of six top 10 solo albums, which yielded worldwide hits like “So Sick,” “Because of You,” “Miss Independent,” “Beautiful Monster,” “Let Me Love You” and “Time of Our Lives.” Over the years Ne-Yo has branched out from his R&B roots to embrace pop, dance, hip-hop and even country - but he has never compromised his sky-high quality standards. In this illuminating panel, Ne-Yo will walk you through the creative process behind some of his biggest songs. Find out how one of the music world’s most gentlemanly talents does it all.

Moderator: Nicole George-Middleton

Panelists: Ne-Yo

Songs of Intelligent Life: Master Session with Charlotte Caffey & Anna Waronker

What do you get when a Go-Go queen and an alt-rock princess dive headlong into the weird world of alternative musical theatre? You get one of the most fascinating creative partnerships in recent memory. Charlotte Caffey is best known as the guitarist for The Go-Go’s, and the writer/co-writer of many of their most enduring hits (“We Got the Beat,” “Head Over Heels,” “Vacation”). Anna Waronker fronted the beloved rock band That Dog in the ‘90s, before turning to film and TV scoring. While the two have collaborated on everything from the Clueless TV series to family dinners (they’re sisters-in-law), they’ve spent the last decade creating acclaimed theatre pieces like Lovelace: A Rock Opera (about the infamous porn star Linda Lovelace), Hit the Wall (about the Stonewall rebellion) and The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe: Revisited. Caffey and Waronker will discuss their long and varied histories, their creative process and the joys of forging ahead into the musical unknown. Leading the conversation is music icon Peter Asher, who has produced James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Neil Diamond, Diana Ross and too many more to count.

Moderator: Peter Asher

Panelists: Charlotte Caffey, Anna Waronker

The New Record Industry: Sync Up Your Songs and Career with Production Music Libraries [Sponsored by the PMA]

Do you have great songs sitting on your hard drive that somehow haven’t had their time in the sun with traditional record companies and artists? Do you have older albums that might not sell much now, but are still great music? Consider reaching out to production music libraries to get some great licensing action going. Come join us for an entertaining and candid conversation with successful artists who write for and execs who run production music companies. Production Music is a billion dollar industry that not only claims a large portion of the royalty payments from PROs, but is increasingly competitive in synch, sales and streaming revenue. This panel will focus on songs in PM; how to write for AND how to re-mix your back catalog for maximum earning/licensing potential. It’s not enough just to have an Instrumental and Clean mix anymore. We’ll show you how one song can be mixed into multiple versions that can lead to some great placements. Come learn about this amazing community of artists and publishers and how it can work for you.

Moderator: Andrew Gross

Panelists: Tyra Elder, Rich Goldman, Dirty Swift, TheUnder, Bruce Waynne