Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Panel Block #1

And the Brand Played On: Harnessing the Power of Partnerships

Once upon a time musical artists would steer clear of corporate sponsorships for fear of compromising their creative image. Times change. In fact, partnering with a company - or a brand - is one of the best ways to gain funding, raise your profile and get your music heard by a wide audience. This panel will explore examples of some of the most successful artist/brand synergies. Learn what brands are looking for in an artist, how to find a good brand partner and how to work strategically to make the partnership pay off!

Moderator: Moya Nkruma

Panelists: Bobby Avila, Iz Avila, Kristen Fraser, Chief Johnson, Brittanny O’Garro

I Write Songs, Not Tragedies Emo’s Impact on Pop [Presented by Ride or Cry]

Emo was once an era in music mainly overlooked by the general population. It looked different, it sounded different and for the most part had negative connotations. In recent years, we learned just how much of an effect this once niche style of music has had on pop culture. These days, a younger generation of music makers has married emo’s heart-on-sleeve narratives with pure pop and even hip-hop, defying stereotypes and cultivating new fan bases along the way. In this live podcast taping, hosted by the creators of Emo Nite, we’re bringing together the masterminds behind some of your favorite emo records, old and new. They’ll swap stories about creating the songs you love to scream at the top of your lungs, and discuss where emo is headed.

Moderator: Morgan Freed

Panelists: Jerrod Bettis, John Feldmann, Ryan Rabin

Renaissance Women in Music

Hit songwriters. Killer performers. Shrewd businesspeople. Passionate advocates. Our panelists are all of the above and much more. We’ve brought together some of music’s most successful female creators who are doing it all, and busting through boundaries in the process. You’ll hear the inspiring stories behind their unique journeys in music, and gain valuable insights into how you can do it all, too.

Moderator: Nicole George-Middleton

Panelists: Gizzle, JOJO, Priscilla Renea, Lindsey Stirling, Betty Who

Unsung Heroes: Making it as a Music Director

Behind every major concert tour, award show, opera or musical, there’s a music director working behind the scenes (and sometimes under the stage). MDs are the secret shot-callers of live music events, tasked with whipping musicians and arrangements into shape on frequently impossible deadlines. Our panelists are all expert musicians who have spent decades working with many of the world’s most popular artists, TV shows and events. They’ll offer a glimpse into this rarely-seen world of the backup musicians that make your favorite performers sound so good. You’ll find out what it takes to make it as an MD, and get a deeper appreciation for how MDs tie all the elements together for a flawless show, every single time.

Moderator: Marcus Miller

Panelists: Paul Mirkovich, Greg Phillinganes, Kevin Teasley