Monday, May 7, 2018

Panel Block #3

Under the Hood: The Confessions of Jermaine Dupri

Iconic writer-producer Jermaine Dupri is undeniably one of the most important creators in urban music history. From his groundbreaking early work with Kriss-Kross, Xscape and Da Brat to his smash hit collabs with Mariah Carey (“We Belong Together”), Nelly (“Grillz”), Lil’ Kim (Hard Core) and Monica (“The First Night”), JD has demonstrated his Midas touch again and again. While Dupri’s career is studded with highlights, arguably his most enduring collaboration is Confessions, an emotional powerhouse of an album borne of JD’s close partnership with Usher. Beyond its Grammy-winning, diamond-certified success, Confessions is a master class in turning raw emotions into unforgettable music. It’s unapologetically personal and yet universally relatable to scores of adoring fans. Dupri is here to go deep into the making of this landmark album –– the balance of the upbeat and the contemplative, the stories behind the lyrics, and how he and his collaborators ensured that an album with so many hit singles would cohere so well. If he's gonna tell it, then he's gotta tell it all!

Panelists: Jermaine Dupri, Johnta Austin

Breaking Through on Social Media

Social trends are ever changing, there’s always something new and creative and fun to share on social, but breaking through the noise to get your voice heard can be a difficult challenge. We’ve recruited social media experts from YouTube, The Recording Academy, Capitol Records and Career Artist Management to give you the ins and outs of the power of social media, best practices, what the latest trends are, how an artist/ songwriter can build their personal brand and examples of some successful campaigns. Plus Atlantic recording artist and songwriter MILCK will join in on the conversation on how her song “Quiet” went viral on Facebook and became the official Women’s March anthem.

Moderator: Kate Cordova

Panelists: Freddie Morris, Laura Rodriguez, Michael Akiko, MILCK, Zoe Gillespie

Here’s the Deal: The Publisher-Songwriter Relationship

Great music publishers do much more than collect your money. They act as creative champions and business partners, helping you develop your skills and seeking out new opportunities for your music to shine. Publishers can have a huge impact on a songwriter’s career - but how do you catch their ear in a competitive music marketplace? This panel of executives from some of the publishing world’s most experienced players will talk about their role in a songwriter’s career, from seeking new talent to pitching your songs to getting you in the room with new collaborators. You’ll find out what music publishers are looking for today, and how to decide if a publishing deal is right for you.

Moderator: Shirley Halperin

Panelists: Amanda Berman-Hill, Sue Drew, Walter Jones, Ryan Press

Revolutionizing Rights Management for Artists

Understanding how to manage and make money with digital rights is key to an artist’s financial success. New technologies are dominating the news across industries, and music is no exception. These new technologies promise to empower entrepreneurial artists with affordable, revolutionary rights management and monetization tools. Immediate benefits include fair compensation and transparency around ownership, but the full potential of this technology remains untapped. Join our expert panel to hear more about how new technology and other alternative financing options are revolutionizing the industry.

Moderator: Dennis Dreith

Panelists: Dae Bogan, Edward Ginis, Shari Hoffman, Ray Young