Monday, May 7, 2018

Panel Block #1

ASCAP EXPO: Freshman Orientation

Calling all first-timers! You’re in the right place, now what should you do? Our team of EXPO-erts (yes, we just made that up) started out where you are now, and ended up making connections here that changed their careers. They’re here to help you do the same. Learn how to navigate all the many opportunities the EXPO offers, the secrets of successful networking and how to make the most of your new contacts moving forward. If you want to maximize your EXPO-rience (there we go again), then this panel is for you.

Moderator: J. Rhodes

Panelists: Chrysanthe Tan, PJ, Schpilkas, Jamil Chammas

How to Make It in the NEW Music Business

What does success mean in today's music industry? Because it definitely isn't defined the same way as it was just 10 years ago. Should you strive for a record or publishing deal? Should you live on the road? Should you focus on licensing? Should you work on building a die-hard fan base? Should you hibernate in the studio writing, producing and submitting your work? How can songwriters/artists actually make money in today's industry? Our panel of experts in diverse areas of the new music business will explore these questions and more, and give songwriters, producers and artists concrete ways to succeed with a music career.

Panelists: Bill Lefler, Sonnet Simmons, Andrew Leib, Ari Herstand

Masterminds Behind the Board

Great production is as essential to a song’s success as a great lyric and melody, but the role of a producer is often shrouded in mystery. This panel of top urban producers will explain how they help turn a song into a recording that’s more than the sum of its parts. You’ll end up with a solid understanding of how your favorite music is transitioned from ideas to finished products, and the skill set you need to be a professional producer.

Moderator: Tuo Clark

Panelists: Needlz, Marcella Araica, Supa Dups, Tank God

Writing Between the Lines: How to Thrive Across Genres

We live in the era of the crossover. Famous recording artists are writing hit Broadway musicals, legendary hip-hop producers are scoring acclaimed TV shows, and many pop songwriters spend half their time in Nashville. And while all this cross-genre collaboration can open up all sorts of exciting creative avenues, it also presents challenges for the music creator trying to navigate a new musical world with its own culture and set of rules. On this panel, you’ll hear from songwriters who have found success in multiple genres. You’ll find out the benefits and drawbacks of working outside your comfort zone, and learn how to make the most of your talents, no matter what kind of project you’re writing for.

Moderator: Michelle Lewis

Panelists: Stephen Bray, Kay Hanley, LELAND